Gwalior Hospital: Dr Kailash Vijay is out for a month due to injuries

Gwalivadi Hospital, in Uttar Pradesh, has suspended Dr Kaleesh Vijay, its Chief Medical Officer.

Dr Vijay was among the five doctors on duty on Saturday, following reports of his injuries.

The hospital said in a tweet that he has been discharged from the hospital.

Vijay has been admitted to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries and is expected to be discharged soon.

Vijays family, which has sent out a statement saying the injuries were not life-threatening, have asked for privacy in the interim.

The Uttar Pradesh government had issued a notification on Saturday urging people to keep quiet.

The statement was sent by Dr Gopal Kaleash, a former director of the Gwalib Hospital, after Vijay’s condition deteriorated on Friday.

Vijayan had been taking part in a Gwalibi Gurdwara, which was taking place in the hospital, when he sustained injuries to his head.

The gurdwars leaders had demanded that the hospital take prompt action against the doctor, saying that he was not the one who had broken the rules of the gurdwaras.

Dr Kalidas hospital has faced a number of complaints about negligence.

The health minister had on Tuesday issued an order to the police to ensure that the security of the hospital staff and the public is not compromised.