Navigant to unveil new smart car software in 2018

Navigants aims to bring more driver-assist features to the next-generation car in 2018, including a system that lets users “look at” the road ahead, a feature that was first seen in the 2014 Toyota Corolla.

Navigants chief executive John Lasseter said the new software will allow drivers to see what’s happening on the road with an automatic “look” function that can also be used for navigation and road signs.

The company will introduce the technology in two new Navigantes cars this year.

It will be a fully self-driving system, with driver assistance features like lane keeping and blind spots being used as “smart lane” signs.

It will also be able to do a 360-degree panoramic view of the road.

Navigantes chief executive and co-founder Dan Wiedermann said in a statement the new technology will “add to the excitement” of driving in the car.

“It is exciting to see the company take the technology to the consumer market,” he said.

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