A ‘Lidar’ car navigation system can’t sync with Google’s system for cars

A car navigation software that relies on a “lidar” sensor and its proximity to a vehicle’s sensors may not be able to sync up with Google car navigation systems.

The company says it has worked to solve this issue.

The problem involves a recent update to its software, and a bug that lets the car navigation solution crash the navigation system in certain situations.

“We have a fix in place for this problem that will help solve this problem, and that will also enable the car to properly sync,” said Mark Baker, senior vice president and general manager of Google Maps, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

The issue affects cars running Android 4.4 KitKat, which runs on Google’s own hardware.

The new bug “can be used to crash our navigation system,” Baker said.

Baker said he is still working out the exact issue.

He said the software update is in the works and that Google is working to get it out before the end of the year.

Baker told the WSJ that he would not confirm if the issue is the result of a known vulnerability in Google’s car navigation hardware, or if it was caused by a bug in the car system.

He also did not elaborate on what kind of bug caused the problem.

The WSJ’s article also mentions that Google Maps for Android 4 will update to version 4.5, which will fix the problem, though it does not say what.

Google Maps is one of the few mobile apps that relies heavily on the Android operating system.

Google has made a lot of strides in improving the reliability of its maps app, though some Android users have complained that the app sometimes crashes on long rides or other complicated situations.

Google said that it was aware of the problem and that it is working on a fix.

“If you use a car navigation app, you should use the latest version of Android Maps to ensure that the system is up to date,” Google wrote in a blog post.

“For drivers with an older Android device, you can install an update that will update the car nav system.

We’re working on updating Android Maps so that you can continue using the older version.”

Google did not say whether the car navigator will sync up to Google’s systems when driving on highways, where it is not available.

Google also told the Wall St. Journal that it has fixed the issue with the car app.

“The car navigation experience is one that we work really hard to deliver for Android users, and we know how important it is to you,” Baker told WSJ.

“That’s why we’ve made this software update to resolve the problem.”

Google has been a big proponent of car navigation apps for years.

The app has more than 50 million users worldwide.

The Google Maps app has also been a popular option for those who want to use their Android phones to navigate around the world.

The software was developed by Alphabet subsidiary Waymo, which is based in Mountain View, California.