Mitsubishi to build electric-car-like navigation system in Japan

Mitsubishis will begin mass-producing its next-generation navigation system for its cars, the company said Tuesday.

The navigation system will have a range of about 30 miles on a single charge, Mitsubashis spokeswoman Amy Rinaldi said in an email.

It will also offer high-definition video and real-time traffic information, she said.

Mitsubishi, a Japanese carmaker, has been developing the system for years, but its latest version is a “huge leap forward” in navigation, Rinalti said.

The new system, which is called the iMaze, is a step up from the iSight, which was introduced in 2015.

Miyata’s iSights and Mitsubashi’s iMazes are also electric.

Mitsubushi’s navigation system has a range on the order of about 20 miles, Rina Haga said in a statement.

The Mitsubis plan comes as automakers across the globe, including Honda, Nissan, BMW and Toyota, are making major moves to include more electric vehicles in their fleets.