Huawei, mk4 navigation systems us

Huawei has revealed that it will offer its mk4 Navigator system for the US market this year, with the system set to launch with the new 2016 model of the popular 4G smartphone.

Huawei’s mk4 Navigation system uses a variety of navigation systems to help users navigate the cityscape of the world.

This new navigation system will feature a series of maps that include city locations and information such as traffic, traffic lights and street names.

It will also offer a full map of nearby points and directions.

Huis navigation system was designed to be used by users of the Huawei 4G phone, which was launched last year.

The system was previously available with a 5.5-inch 1080p display.

This screen size will now be used on the new 2017 Huawei mk4.

The new navigation systems are also compatible with Google Maps, which has been launched with the Huawei Mate 8, and Apple Maps.

The latter is also available for other major smartphone makers such as Xiaomi and Lenovo.

The Huawei mk 4 Navigation system is also compatible in the Huawei Ascend, which comes with a 1080p screen and is also coming to the US this year.

The navigation system is expected to launch in the US in the second half of 2017, which is the last month that Google Maps is supported in the market.

Huang says that the navigation system also works with Google Now and Google Maps in a number of scenarios, including when using the Huawei Watch and other smartwatches.

This will be a significant step in the evolution of the navigation technology in the smartphone market.

Huawei has already announced the launch of the mk4 navigator for the Huawei P8 smartphone, which features a similar navigation system.

Huans mk4 system is available now in the UK, China, Germany, the US, Japan, Canada, France, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and Austria.