India to launch new app to track passengers of planes

NEW DELHI: India on Thursday said it will roll out an app that can be used to track flights, train passengers and monitor the movement of aircraft, after the World Trade Organization (WTO) voted to impose a ban on all imports of most products from China.

India will launch the app, the first such in the world, in the coming days and will work with airlines to get the product to customers, said a statement from the ministry of aviation.

The government has been working on a new system to monitor aircraft movements.

India was last month accused of using cheap imported parts to produce aircraft parts.

It also said it was considering imposing a ban to block imports from countries that have been linked to China’s nuclear weapons program.

The government says the new system will be used for monitoring aircraft movements and flight data, which could provide vital information to India’s military.

The new system, launched on Thursday, will be a part of the Government of India’s efforts to improve the security of air navigation systems and enhance passenger safety, aviation minister Anil Ambani said.

The WTO said it had unanimously adopted the proposed measures that would ban Chinese-made products, such as composite parts, parts from Chinese manufacturers, and parts from Taiwan, Vietnam and other countries.

The measure will also apply to Indian-made goods from countries whose nationals are banned from entering the United States under the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFFA).

India is a party to the TFA, which is signed by China and six other countries and aims to reduce trade barriers between the two countries.

China has a trade surplus with India, worth about $1.3 trillion.