GPS-based navigation system has a new twist

By JOSEPH BROWNSTEINCBS NEWS”This new navigation system for cars can be set up anywhere on the road,” said the car manufacturer.

“It is a GPS-enabled navigation system and allows you to control the car by using your voice or a button.”

With the introduction of Google’s GPS-powered navigation system called the Navigator, the car industry has a chance to show that it is up to date and innovative in the field of driverless vehicles.

In an interview with CBS News, Google engineer Daniel Fiske explained how the Navigator works.

“You have a system called a Navigator which connects with a vehicle’s GPS system and then allows you the option to say, ‘Go home.

Go home,’ or to turn on a red light,” said Fiskes.

Fiske said that when you say that, the Navigate turns off your car and it’s like the car turns on itself.

“You’re like an autonomous car,” said Tom McGehee, a driver-assistance technology expert and president of the Institute for Autonomous Driving, a think tank in Palo Alto, California.

“And it’s an incredibly powerful technology.”

The Navigator is one of a number of innovative new technologies being introduced this year.

Navigation systems like the Navigators, which are being sold in vehicles from Ford and Volvo to Hyundai, are designed to help drivers stay on the right track when they are in unfamiliar situations.

But Fiskel explained that Google’s Navigator was developed with the goal of making navigation easier.

He said that because the Navigaurs are not connected to your vehicle’s steering wheel, it allows you more flexibility in the way you use the car.

“It allows you a lot of control,” said Schmitt.

“A lot of the functionality of your navigation system that you would use with the steering wheel can be controlled by the Navigation System.”

But if you are using the Navigo, it will not be able to help you find your way home if you have to turn off the car or change lanes.

If you want to control your car remotely, you can buy a Navigite, a system that lets you control the navigation system with your voice, as well as with a button.

McGehee said that although the Navigeuses are designed for the home, it could be used in the office as well.

The new Navigites also have a few other new features.

It is connected to a smartphone or tablet.

You can tap the Navie with your finger and say, “Go home” to turn the Navigating off.

And the Navigel also comes with a GPS tracker that allows you direct navigation to any point on the map.

However, it also has an integrated camera that will record a video when the car is in motion.

The company says that the Navgeres are the most advanced and cost effective navigation systems for vehicles on the market today.

They are powered by the same technology that powers Google Maps, and it is now available in more than 30 different vehicles.

It is available in the Google car, Google Home, Google Glass, and Google Car.