What you need to know about the new NBCUniversal app for Windows 10 Mobile

The NBCUniversal App for Windows Phone 8.1 has now launched in the US, and it includes a new Navigation System app.

The app is designed for navigation between websites, allowing users to quickly find information and apps that are relevant to them.

The app is compatible with both the iPhone and the Android OS, and features a list of all the major apps for both Windows Phone and Windows 10.

The navigation system app allows users to access information that is relevant to their use case.

The new app also comes with a few new features, including an all-new version of the app for the Nokia Lumia 925, and a new version of an old app called Metro Maps for Windows.

The new app is available in the App Store and the Google Play store, and will be available in other markets around the world over the coming weeks.

The Nokia Lumia 900, Lumia 930, Lumia 1020, Lumia 950, Lumia 735, Lumia 920, and Lumia 935 will be updated with the app on November 14, while the Nokia X series will also be updated on November 11.

The update to the Metro Maps app comes just days after the Nokia 925 and Lumia 745 were updated to Windows 10, and both will be included in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update later this year.

The Metro Maps update includes many new features for users of the Nokia 950 and Lumia 950 XL.

For starters, users can now switch between maps for navigation or use them for general browsing.

This means the new app will be a lot more useful for people who like to use maps and other information to quickly navigate to information.

The map in the navigation app will show you the most popular locations in your area, including directions to them, the current time and the nearest subway stops.

The Windows 10 app also includes a revamped version of Metro Maps.

The old Metro Maps application has long been one of the best navigation apps for Windows phones, and now, for the first time, users will have a unified version of both the app and the navigation system.

This is a huge change for Metro Maps, and one that will benefit users of both devices.

With Metro Maps on the iPhone, for example, users of either device have to search the entire map, which makes navigation difficult for people with limited vision.

For Metro Maps users, the new version makes navigating navigation much easier, as the app now shows a grid-like map that users can tap on and zoom in on.

The map will also include navigation arrows, which you can use to find places on the map that aren’t visible in the old version.

Users can also use the new map to search for information about other areas in their area.

This brings Metro Maps to Windows Phone, but it’s not the only change Microsoft has made to the app.

Users of the Lumia 950 will also see a new Metro Maps feature in the upcoming Windows 10 update.

In Metro Maps mode, the app will use the compass to point users toward nearby locations.

The Lumia 950 also includes the new Navbar, which lets users switch between the Navigation System and the Navbar.

In the new Metro maps mode, users get to select the areas that they want to navigate to.

They can also switch between two maps, but Metro Maps uses the same navigation system as the old Navbar mode.

Users will also get to access settings for their navigation settings and access to the maps themselves.

The Microsoft Navbar is one of Microsoft’s most popular features.

The Navbar shows a map of all your locations and can be customized to match your use case and location.

For example, you can have the app show a map that shows you the area of your home, which can be useful for those who live in a different part of the city or have different types of traffic.

The navigation system for Metro maps is not a complete overhaul, however.

Users have access to a number of different navigation settings, including the ability to customize the way the map looks, the color of the map, and even whether the app shows the area on the screen or the map itself.

Navbar mode is also very useful for users with a wide variety of visual disabilities.

With the Navbars in place, you won’t have to look at the map in a way that you might not want to.

If you have a narrow vision or vision issues, for instance, you’ll be able to see a map on the Nav bar without having to look closely at the screen.

The only thing that will stop you from using Metro Maps is the old Navigation System.

The old Navigation system for Windows Mobile was an app that required users to look up information on the web to access it.

For Windows Phone users, that app was a very useful way to search websites and browse through the content on a webpage.

For users with low vision, the Nav bars are a welcome addition.

The updated version of Navigation system will be more useful, as it will also show the location of the nearest Metro stop