How to play ‘The Great Escape’ on the road, says Kings coach

Kings coach Peter DeBoer on Monday said the NHL’s decision to keep the “great escape” in its game in 2018 was a “mistake.”

Kings coach Peter deBoer said the “Great Escape” was added in 2015 after a decade of trying to keep it off the ice.

The game will be played on the third weekend of the NHL All-Star Game in Buffalo.

“I think it’s a great addition,” deBoers said of the “Boom Boom Blitz” as he discussed the new rules for the game.

“I think we’ve been pretty successful in that regard and we feel it’s an excellent addition to the game.”

The league has made it clear that it’s not going to make a big deal about the game’s removal.

The game was scheduled to be played in 2019 after the NHL and NHLPA negotiated a new collective bargaining agreement that included a provision that prohibited players from being ejected from games.

The league says it made the changes because of player safety concerns.

But players have already begun taking the game off the field in the form of sit-ins, demonstrations and protests that have taken place around the league.

“We are trying to get the game played again as quickly as possible,” NHL spokesman Brendan Shanahan said.

“The goal is to get it back as soon as possible.”