When it comes to smart cars, the best navigation systems aren’t just for the rich

There are a few cars that are better than others when it comes down to GPS navigation, but none of them are for the wealthy. 

There are some things that are just better than none, according to the latest Smart Car of the Year report from the New York Times. 

“When it comes for smart cars,” the Times wrote, “the top-rated navigation systems are a car’s steering wheel, the rearview mirror and the front seats, but the top-performing navigation systems for people of all income levels are the navigation systems in the rear-seat compartments.” 

The Times is right. 

The top-ranked navigation system in the U.S. is the navigation system used by the average driver. 

And the top performer for the average person is the car’s rear-facing navigation system. 

In the same article, the Times also notes that there are some cars that just have better navigation than others. 

But, as the NYT points out, there are a lot of cars that have “good” navigation systems, but they don’t have “great” navigation. 

For example, a car that’s the best in the world is one that’s not really a car. 

It’s a truck, a mini-van, a bus, a trucker, a commercial vehicle, or a small SUV. 

We’ll come back to the most popular navigation system for each of those categories, but first, let’s talk about the most expensive car in America, the BMW 3 Series. 

Here’s how the NYT ranks the top navigation systems.

The BMW 3 series has been the most successful of the BMW line of cars. 

Its sales have exploded over the years, but its popularity as a driving vehicle has remained relatively steady. 

According to the Times, BMW has sold about 7.5 million 3 Series sedans, but has only sold 3.3 million in the last year. 

That’s because it’s still struggling to get people to buy its sedans. 

However, the NYT says that there’s reason to be hopeful about the future of the 3 Series, as more people are buying BMW’s sedans and SUVs. 

Bimmer, the carmaker BMW bought in 2013, is expected to make a comeback this year, and the new BMW i3 will be the most affordable BMW car in the next decade. 

So, what are the best smart navigation systems? 

Here are the top five navigation systems available for the BMW 5 Series sedan. 

If you want a car with a better navigation system than the BMW’s, check out our article on the best cars for the blind.