Cadillac’s navigation system is a hit

Cadillac has confirmed that its navigation system will soon be making its way onto its vehicles.

The Cadillac Navigator, which is already available in the UK and Australia, is expected to hit dealerships later this month.

Cadillac’s head of product design, Alex Cernuso, has confirmed the news on Twitter.

“The Navigator is coming to Cadillac’s vehicles in late April.

It’s a big deal,” Cernoso said.”

It’s a smart and advanced navigation system that uses all-new technology.

The Navigator features a new architecture that has never been seen before, giving you all-day access to information from your iPhone or Android device, with just the touch of a button.”

Cadillacs new Navigation system, which will be available in 2019, has the ability to read your current location, your weather, traffic, weather forecasts, traffic alerts and other pertinent information.

“With this new Navigation app, you can get alerts on your commute, your next stop, your upcoming trip and more,” Cerruso said in a statement.

“Cadilians new Navigation App lets you know about your next destination, which helps you plan your next trip and find nearby restaurants, shops and other businesses you might like to visit.”