How to set up the Windows 10 taskbar as a shortcut to the navigation bar

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update will include a feature called the Windows Taskbar, and it will enable users to set the taskbar to automatically appear next to the Windows key when a key is pressed on the task bar.

The feature was first teased at Build, but Microsoft has only released a short video explaining it, and the new feature has only been available in Windows 10 for a few weeks.

In addition to the feature, the taskbars will also include a new, faster navigation option, which allows users to navigate between taskbar content.

Windows 10 users can also access the task bars from the taskpads in the task view and in the Windows Start Menu.

The new taskbar feature will also enable Cortana, which Microsoft has been working on since last year, to automatically show the task icons for each of the navigation buttons when a user presses on the Start Menu’s Start button.

It also enables Cortana to show the shortcut icons for Windows Search and Settings.

Navigation options for the task-bar feature can be found under Settings > About Phone.

In a blog post today, Microsoft said it will be releasing an additional set of preview versions of the task system in the coming weeks, so you can check out what’s new.

Windows Update is a collection of security updates that Microsoft provides to users, and some of the updates are designed to improve stability and performance.

The most recent update is set to arrive this week, and users can get the new version by signing up for a Windows 10 upgrade.

Windows users can update to the new release on Windows 10 PCs or devices by going to Settings > Update & Security > System Updates.