How to Make the Audi Audio Navigator More Useful for Your Audi, Audi A8, Audi S5, Audi Q5, Q5 S, Q7, Q8, and QX3 vehicles

We’ve got our hands on the Audi AUDIO NAVIGATOR.

And, you know, it’s the one you’ve been wanting for months.

The smart speaker was unveiled in early 2018, and while its official name hasn’t changed since then, the company’s been busy quietly tweaking the software and hardware of the system.

And in the meantime, Audi has released a video, a video guide, and a demo for the AUDIO Navigator, which you can watch below.

So what exactly is the AUDIFI?

The AUDIFi is a connected audio system that connects directly to your Audi system and uses Bluetooth for audio connectivity.

Audi calls it the “Audi Connected Audio System,” and it offers a variety of different services, including playback, microphone and headphone connectivity, as well as Bluetooth audio playback.

The AUDIO Connected is actually the Audi’s “next generation” connected audio systems.

It’s not the first connected audio device, and it won’t be the last.

The Audi Connected was designed with the idea that people wanted a system that they could use at home, where they didn’t have to worry about making calls or even adjusting their stereo system.

The system can be used for listening to music and controlling your phone via Bluetooth.

Audi’s also working on an audio controller that can control your phone from anywhere, whether you’re at home or at work.

So the AUDION is not a standalone device, but rather a connected system that integrates seamlessly with your Audi audio system.

So, you might expect that the AUDIAV would be a standalone product.

But it’s not.

Instead, the AUDI Connected AUDIO Navigation System is connected to your system through a Bluetooth connection and uses a special adapter to communicate with the Audi Connect and its proprietary audio software.

Audi has also included a software update that makes the system even more capable.

And since the AUDIV is connected through a connection to your device, the audio system’s functionality is enhanced.

There are a few different ways to configure the AUDIVE Navigator.

You can customize the audio output.

The audio output can be set to a speaker-level or an iPod-level signal.

The default audio output for the system is set to 2.5 meters of audio, but you can change it to a 2.1 or 2.4 meter signal.

Audi says that you can choose between a volume slider, a level selector, or an automatic setting.

You also have the option to set your volume level for each channel individually or as a total.

If you’re listening to an iPod, you can use the volume slider to change the volume of the audio to that channel, while the volume selector can adjust it from 1 to 10.

You’ll also be able to adjust the audio level of each channel independently.

Audi also lets you adjust the Bluetooth audio level to the desired level, so you can adjust the volume level independently from your other audio sources.

For example, if you’re watching music through a streaming device, you may want to adjust your Bluetooth audio to a higher level so that you hear the music.

Audi does not offer any customization options for the Bluetooth level, which is designed to improve sound quality in your car.

The AudIO Navigator can also connect to the Internet via Bluetooth and offer Bluetooth-enabled controls.

Audi recommends using an Apple iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch to control the system, and the system can use a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse.

Audi is also planning to launch an Audi App store for developers to develop new connected audio solutions for their Audi products.

And if you like the look of the AUDIAN NAVIG and you’d like to see more connected audio products, you’ll want to check out Audi’s Connected Sound, which offers a number of apps and products to control audio systems and other connected devices.