How to install Android Auto on a Porsche Cayenne without having to change your phone’s app package

Porsche Cayne owners have a new way to get their hands on Android Auto — and it’s not even on the phone.

The company behind the tech behind the world’s most popular car has partnered with a small but growing group of Android Auto developers to make a phone app that can be installed on a Cayenne.

The app, called the Car Navigation System, is compatible with a variety of Android phones, but is currently only available for the Cayenne XE.

Porsche says it is aiming to add support for other models in the coming months.

We recently asked Porsche about the app, and the company confirmed it is “coming very soon.”

“We are very excited about the potential of the Car navigation system to be used on our vehicles,” Porsche said in a statement.

“We will release a full list of compatible cars in the near future.

We are working hard on bringing this functionality to other vehicles and vehicles with our customers.”

Porsche says the Car Navigator will be released in Q1 2018, and it will be available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Blackand Red, and Porsche Cayman models.

The Car Navigation system works similar to the Google Assistant, with the car’s navigation systems using voice commands to navigate.

“The Car navigation is the first of its kind,” Porsche’s director of automotive engineering, Peter Bader, said in an interview.

“You have a voice assistant.

You can actually say commands, like turn left, turn right, get in, get out, park, stop, etc. The car can then tell you what it wants to do.”

The car’s voice recognition system is the same as that used in Apple CarPlay and Google Assistant.

Bader said the car can also use Google Maps to navigate, though that’s currently only supported on iPhone.

“With the car, you can have a car and a voice, and they are both in sync,” he said.

Porsche has not yet announced when it plans to introduce its Car Navigation app to the Cayennes.

Porsche plans to release the app with the Caye S in 2019.