When Mazda says it will no longer offer its ‘digital navigation system’

Mazda has said it will stop offering its digital navigation system in the next few years, following a spate of crashes in which passengers were injured.

The company said it would no longer sell its digital map navigation system to third parties and instead sell the “digital navigator” that users must plug into the ignition key, as a way to prevent other vehicles from finding it.

A spokeswoman for the Mazda Corporation said the company will no long sell its “digital navigation systems” as a “solution” to accidents.

Mazda has been struggling with the issue of how to keep customers informed of all the information that is being fed to them, and whether it is a useful service.

It said in July it would end its digital maps, but that it would “continue to work with partners to develop solutions for customers that meet the needs of customers”.

Mazdas digital navigation service is called “Maziconnect” and was introduced in 2015 as a service for its new Civic cars.

But it became increasingly popular with its rival Lexus RX-7 and RX-9, which also use the same technology.

It also was featured in a recent video that showed the company’s chief technology officer, Mark O’Connell, saying the new software was “a massive improvement over our existing systems”.

Meadows crashMazDats digital navigation software also is used by other automakers, including Ford, Audi, and Volkswagen, according to a report in The New York Times.

It has also been used in other car models, including a Toyota Corolla that was involved in a crash in Germany in January.

It is not clear whether the crash caused damage to the driver’s seat or not, but the Times said the car was able to escape unscathed.