Why this car gets the nod

Cruze, a major maker of luxury cars, is offering a more affordable version of its popular Explorer.

The car, which was announced in April, is the result of an extensive collaboration between Cruze and Ford.

It’s also the result not just of a collaborative effort between Ford and the company, but also a partnership with a local dealership in Ohio.

Read more Cruze unveiled the Explorer as the company’s next big step into the premium segment with a $55,000 price tag.

The new car is designed to fit the growing needs of drivers looking for a more spacious, more luxurious experience.

The car’s styling is also a departure from its Explorer sibling.

Instead of using the traditional, open-backed cabin, the Explorer is more open-back, and the front seats are positioned in the back.

The Explorer is the first car in Cruze’s lineup to feature the navigation system and advanced technology that has been a key feature for Ford and its Explorer brand for years.

This year, Ford has introduced the Ford Connected Vehicle System, a suite of safety, security, and data management features that has helped the company maintain a strong foothold in the SUV market.

The company is also rolling out a suite that includes more safety features.

Cruze, however, doesn’t just offer an affordable Explorer, it also offers the latest version of the company in the premium car segment.

The new Explorer features a 4-door, four-passenger sedan and four-door hatchback.

It also features a 5.0L V8 engine that Cruze says produces 600 horsepower.

Cruze said it will be available in the United States later this year.

The Cruze Navigator will be offered with the new 4Runner, the company said in a statement.

The Explorer will also be available with a Ford Escape, the car’s SUV sibling.

Cruze has said it plans to introduce a range of new models this year, including a midsize SUV and a smaller sedan.

The current Cruze Explorer, the 2017 Explorer SE, is a compact hatchback that sells for $56,500.