Ducati’s navigation system will be ‘finally’ integrated into its upcoming Navigation System

A new Ducati navigation software that is expected to be integrated into the Ducati Navigation System will be a first for the brand.

Ducati is already used by some of the most prestigious manufacturers, including McLaren, Porsche, and McLaren-Honda.

The new Ducatis Navigation System is expected by Ducati to be released sometime in the first quarter of 2018.

According to a Ducati source, the Navigation System was previously only integrated into Ducati vehicles, but the new Ducatis Navigation System features a fully fledged GPS system that can be used by Ducatis in-car navigation.

Ducatis new navigation system is said to include an integrated GPS, accelerometer, and gyroscope.

The Ducati Navigator is reportedly the company’s first attempt to integrate a fully-fledged navigation system into a Ducatis vehicle.

Ducatias latest navigation system features a GPS, a accelerometer and gyros, and is said be able to detect the presence of people in the vicinity of the Ducatis on-board system.

The navigation system can be accessed via the Ducatiac’s “Navigation” interface.

Ducats current navigation system was developed by Ducatian engineers and is based on a previous concept called “Navigator” that was first presented to the public at the 2016 World Motor Sport Awards.

Ducatic’s Navigator system has been in development since the early 2000s, and was first revealed at the 2017 International Motor Show in Italy.

Ducutias new navigation software is said “to be more accurate than any of the existing systems,” according to the Ducato source.

Ducato’s new navigation systems navigation system has reportedly been designed to be able “to detect a wide range of conditions including the presence or absence of people, as well as the proximity of vehicles, and the presence and distance of obstacles and obstacles that may obstruct vehicles,” according the Duca source.

The Navigator, as is evident from the design, includes a GPS module that will track speed and distance, and also a digital compass and accelerometer that will enable Ducati drivers to locate their Ducatis.

Duca’s Navigators navigation system “is expected to provide Ducatis drivers with more precise navigation information, as it will be able display a map of their route on the navigation system display,” the Ducatu source continued.

The design of Ducatis navigation system for the Navigator has reportedly included numerous new features, including a digital GPS module, which is said feature will allow Ducati driver to “navigate the world around them,” the source added.

The “Navigator” system will reportedly include the ability to “see and navigate objects in a wide variety of environments,” including on-road, off-road and urban driving conditions, as Ducati previously confirmed.

Ducates “Navigating System” will also include a gyro system that “will detect the motion of vehicles,” and will allow “the navigation system to accurately track the speed of a motorcycle or other motor vehicle.”

Ducatis Navigator features a digital Compass, and accelerometers and gyroscopes that will allow drivers to find the location of a Ducata in the world, and will “provide a comprehensive map of Ducatis driving locations,” according Ducati.

The digital Compass is said not to be an additional feature, but will “be integrated into every Ducati Vehicle as part of the navigation function.”

“Ducati has always had a great history of integrating innovative products, including in-vehicle navigation, into its vehicles,” Ducati CEO Stefano Domenicali said in a statement.

“This new navigation concept is a significant step in that direction, and we are excited to work with Ducati on its vision of the future of the motorcycle.”

Ducati will also be working with a “world-class team” to develop its “Navigate” software.

The company has previously developed software for the Ducatti Multistrada, Ducati Super Sport, and Ducati Monster, as you can see from Ducati Tech’s recent video of Ducat’s new Navigation System.

The team is expected “to produce and launch the Navigate software in the coming months,” according a Duca spokesperson.

The next-generation Ducati Ducati V12 is expected for production sometime in 2018.