‘Goonies’ director and writer Dan O’Bannon on writing for The Flash and other projects, including a new DC show title ‘Starfire’ in 2019

“He is also excited to be returning to The Flash for his second run on The Flash.” “

Dan is thrilled to be working with Warner Bros.,” his rep said.

“He is also excited to be returning to The Flash for his second run on The Flash.”

O’Brien will pen the pilot and executive produce the pilot, which will debut in 2019.

The Flash executive producer Greg Berlanti and DC Comics co-showrunner Greg Berlinger will exec produce, along with DC Comics President of Television Geoff Johns.

“We have a strong team of writers who will be able to bring a unique and fun spin on the Flash,” Berlante said.

In addition to his role on the show, O’ Bannon has written two episodes of Marvel’s Daredevil, which he co-created with fellow writer/producer Jeph Loeb.

O’Reilly and O’Neal are the producers of the CW series “The Originals,” which is set in the world of the Marvel Universe.

OBrien is set to appear on CBS’ upcoming sci-fi series “Star Trek: Discovery,” which will be available on Amazon Prime in 2018.

In the meantime, OBSERVER has confirmed that OBSERTUNE has signed a two-year, multi-picture deal with Warner Brothers, including the 2018 film “Starlight.”

The OBSEREVER pilot will be the first series to star O’Malley as a leading man in a DC Comics comic book.

“The Starlight pilot will explore the lives of the characters who are the heart and soul of The Flash,” OBSERNIGHT said in a press release.

“Starlights are the closest to the real thing and will take place in an alternate universe where they are part of a new Superman family and are fighting crime.

After two years of developing the pilot we’re excited to share it with you today,” O’Leary said.