How to use Google Now for Voice Search

Find navigation systems, but only in the UK.

We can’t find a way to add support for the UK in the Google Now search bar.

Here are the instructions to get it.

Find navigation systems from the UK, but can’t search for them.

Find a search option from the search bar and press the Search button.

Select All search.

Type the name of the navigation system you want to search for, then click OK.

Find a search button and press Search.

Type a search query, then press Search again.

Type an additional search query if you want the search results to be filtered, then hit Search.

Find navigation system search options from the United States.

Google Now searches for them from the US only.

To find US navigation systems search options, search from the home screen or by typing the search name.

Find search options in the United Kingdom, but cannot search for UK navigation systems.

Find the search button, press Search, and then enter the search query.

Select all search options and then press Select.

Type another search query and hit Search again to find the search result.

Find options from Australia, but not Australia-specific.

To search for Australia-only navigation systems in the Australian home screen, press the search icon and then select Search Australia.

To use Australia-related search options only in Australia, type Search Australia and press Enter.

To get Australian-specific search options for UK-specific navigation systems (UK-only) type Search UK and press Select All.

To add search options to US-specific searches, type the search terms you want, then select the search option you want.

Search in the US and select Search in US.

To change the default search option, go to the settings menu in the search app, and select the Search option you would like to change.

Add search options by selecting the search search option and pressing Search.