Toyota, Lexus Nav System Could Have a Big Impact on Consumer Automotive Quality

Toyota is taking a big step towards bringing autonomous vehicles to market.

The company is bringing the Nav System to its luxury Lexus line.

This new technology will allow the driverless Lexus to respond to their needs, and will allow them to control their car with their voice.

As we’ve already discussed, the Lexus Navigation System will be an integral part of the company’s autonomous vehicles.

Lexus has said it will not charge for the navigation system.

While the system is being designed for Lexus models with up to five people, the company will offer its drivers free software updates that will let them take advantage of its capabilities.

This includes the ability to take control of the vehicle without a human in the driver seat.

Lexis will also have an option for the driver to set their own speed limits.

Lexas navigation system is a big deal for Toyota, as it will make navigation in its luxury sedan the default option for any future autonomous vehicle.

While this technology may not be a major addition to the Lexuses lineup, it does open the door for other automakers to follow suit.

We will be bringing you more news on Lexus’ autonomous vehicle program as it develops.