‘The car I wanted’: The car I really wanted to own

The car that I wanted was the Cadillac Navigator.

I could drive it anywhere, I had a great driving position and it had a range of up to 30 kilometres on its two electric motors.

I had it for more than three years before I had to sell it because I couldn’t afford the monthly payments.

At the time I bought it, the car was going to be the one I had.

But now, the time has come for it to go.

The car has a history of failures.

In the mid-1980s, it failed a major safety inspection.

“It was the first car I bought, I bought that car for my mum,” Ms D’Angelo says.

It was a beautiful, big, beautiful car.

When I got it, it was like a new car.

It was a gorgeous, big car.

The car was amazing, the cabin was beautiful, and the powertrain was great.

Then it was broken and the battery died, and it was basically a piece of shit.

And it had been for four years.

My mum had just passed away, and she didn’t want the car.

I said, ‘I’ve got to get it back, and then I’m going to get the rest of the family.’

I didn’t go to the dealership and ask for a sale, because I didn’t really know what to do.

I had the car, and I had it now, but it wasn’t something that I felt I was ready for.

We’ve just got to wait for it now.

This car, for me, is an important part of my identity, my identity as a man.

For me, this car represents my masculinity.

What is your identity?

It’s what you do with your life.

If you want to be a man, then this is the car you need.

To have that car, to have that kind of status, that kind [of] financial stability is important, too.

Every man has a car, every woman has a family car, but that doesn’t mean they’re all the same.

There are things you need to be careful about.

Women need to think about the quality of the paint, because you’re going to break the paint on a lot of cars.

They need to look out for their health, they need to check the tires a little bit, they want to make sure that everything is up to scratch, they don’t have any issues.

You need to make a lot more than the number on the dashboard.

That’s why the car’s history has so much importance to me.

So, I’m really, really happy with it.

As I look back at my life now, I feel that it’s something that was really important to me, that I would never have gotten had I not had the Navigator, and if I had not had that car then, I wouldn’t have had the life that I have now.