The new HDR-ready Apple TV is here

Apple has finally confirmed that its next-generation Apple TV will be the first HDR-compatible TV in the market, along with its other products.

It’s the first time that an Apple TV model will not be the company’s flagship product, the company said, which makes it the first device to support HDR.

It’s also the first one to offer a built-in HDR-capable app store.

While it won’t be available for the entire lineup, you can use a remote control to control your TV from an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV app, along the same lines as any other connected device.

Apple has also said it plans to make the TV’s OLED display as easy to read and use as the iPhone and iPad, with support for color temperature, brightness, and contrast, which is more than a decade after the first TV was introduced.

While it’s not yet available, the new Apple TV, which will be available starting this weekend, will come with an HDR-enabled remote control, and the new TVOS app will bring a host of new improvements.

The first of those is a new, HDR-friendly icon, which replaces the familiar red square icon.

It also supports an “HDR” shortcut, meaning the remote will launch the TV in HDR mode, while remaining in normal mode.

It’ll also include an “Apple HDR” option on the main menu bar, so you can change the display mode of the TV from “HBR” to “H+” or “H” to turn the TV into an HDR monitor.

The remote’s buttons have been redone, too.

The new remote is also easier to use than ever before.

Its larger buttons have a much nicer design, and it has a much more intuitive layout.

This means the buttons are much easier to press.

Apple also made it easier to launch a new remote by simply dragging it from the bottom of the screen to the top of the app, so it’s much easier for people to grab.

When the new remote launches, you’ll find that you can now use it as a standalone remote, just like you would a standard remote.

It can also be used as an external remote, so if you want to play music on your TV, you won’t need to plug in a third-party app.

The new remote also has built-ins for Siri, Apple Maps, and Siri Photos, which means it’ll have all of these features when it’s finally released.

It will also be available to download on the App Store in the coming weeks.