This is a golf navigation app with real-time GPS and the ability to search for courses

Golf app is getting real-world GPS capability and is working on a golf app that can be used as a map source New Zealand Times article A new golf navigation application that uses real-space navigation technology to help players navigate the game of golf in real-life locations is launching today in New Zealand.

Simrad Navigation System is the result of a partnership between New Zealand-based software development firm Simrad and a range of local golf courses.

It allows players to search their local courses on Google Maps and can be customized to show specific golf courses, their nearest greens and the course rating and score.

It is also able to give detailed information about courses such as the number of holes, weather conditions and golfers who are playing.

Simred is aiming to launch its app on Google Play in the coming weeks, and it is also working with other golfing venues to integrate Simrad’s technology.

Simrads technology uses GPS to deliver real-estate information to users via a Google Maps app and then sends that information to a mobile app, where it can be viewed on Google’s Android app or on other iOS apps.

SimRADS uses an algorithm to determine the best location for a golf course.

It uses a custom-built geolocation system to find a golf facility by looking for GPS coordinates, whether it is a real golf course or not, and the location of a specific golf course’s clubhouse.

The information is then used to determine a player’s current position on the course, the length of the course and the distance from the nearest greens to the tee.

Simras software can also tell players how many golfers are playing and how far away a golf club is.

Players can also see how much time they have left before their next round of rounds starts.

Simrang is aiming for an early launch of Simrad Navigation Systems on the App Store later this year.

In addition to Simrads GPS and Simrad navigation technology, Simrad has also partnered with local golf clubs to develop SimrADS courses that can help players improve their golf skills.

The company’s partnership with golf courses will help golfers improve their skills by providing them with the necessary data to improve their game, SimrAD CEO Ian Treder told The Australian Financial Review.

“Golf courses can provide players with a unique insight into how they are playing their game and providing an easy-to-use tool for those players,” he said.

Simrag’s software is not new, as it is already available on Google maps, and a number of golf courses have already partnered with Simrasses software.

“We are very excited about this partnership and we’re excited about how it will complement Simrado and Simrars golf app,” Simradi’s Treders said.